About Snake Eyes

Originally called “Justin Tyme”, SNAKE EYES played popular east valley nightclubs throughout their early career. During the 90’s the band switched to a private event format and never looked back.

The band’s formative leader is Don Marovich. Don plays guitar and sings most lead vocals. His personal interests are writing music, recording and freshwater fishing. Don's wife, Deanna, is the band's manager and handles all band business and is Don's fishing consultant.

On bass, fresh from a tour of duty in Nashville, is John Stewart. John played with Snake Eyes in the 90’s as well. John is a high class bass player, and talented beyond anything conceivable.

Glenn Bailey plays the Keyboards, guitar, and a few other instruments, and joined the group in the 80’s. Glenn is the one who adds frosting to the cake.

The band's regular drummer is Gary Bruzzese. Gary worked with Glen Campbell for eighteen years and now makes his home in the valley of the sun. He is a national level pro and has ratcheted the band's musical presentation up a notch or two.


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